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GRIDx Revision 1

First Proof of Concept Prototype

GRIDx Revision 1 is the first prototype that the team developed as a proof of concept for technologies that will be implemented in the final model. the systems was used to test and develop an understanding to into electrical power measure electronics, cellar network communications and human machine interaction implementations.

GRIDx Revision 2

Introduction of CAD models designs and industrial Printed Circuit board(PCB) production

GridX Revision 2 focuses on design for manufacturing. This phase of development is aimed at creating the product that closely resemble the final production. tests are conducted to optimize system performance while ensuring adherence to the requirement criterion. 3D printed model of the device was created to analyse the assembly process that brings together the electronics with the mechanical enclosure.  

GRIDx Revision 3

Industry Test Platform 

GridX Revision 3  is a functional device that is able to implement all the specification in the product development. the product sample are distributed to prospective clients for testing and identification of systematic errors within the product. 

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